Flower Cones of Lanna (Page1)

The charm and beauty of Lanna never fails to delight visitors to the mountainous northern region of Thailand. The beauty of Chiang Mai's numerous temples, the exquisite mural paintings in Nan and the graceful, intricate detail of woodcarvings in the wats in Lampang are but a few examples. And visitors soon discover that the spell of Lanna truly lies in the way of life of its people.

That certainly proved true to me during the course of producing the book, Dok Mai Thai: The Flower Culture of Thailand. During our long photo session in Chiang Mai, we had the privilege of observing local religious ceremonies performed in village temples. Various kinds of fresh offerings made from plant materials such as flowers, coconut leaves, banana leaves and betel nuts were brought to the temples for each occasion. Small parts of these offerings were suay dok, or cone-shaped floral receptacles made from banana leaf _ the inspiration for today's floral display.

Instead of the traditional banana leaf, however, I use jackfruit leaf for its beautiful texture.


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