Flower Fairies (Page1)

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the enchanting world of fairies. And as I started to write, Flower Fairies books by English illustrator Cicely Mary Barker, first published in 1923, inspired me to write my very own series of flower fairytales. Based on the visual of her Flower Fairies, I have written several stories of how flowers were created, woven my tales with the magic of the mythological world of gods and goddesses of the Olympus. Flower Fairies are known to love music and dancing, and hold many balls and parties throughout the year.

Somewhere in Flower Fairyland, if you are very careful and very patient and if you are also lucky, you may be able to catch a sight of Flower Fairies while they are dancing and singing on an opening in a secret grove that is fully covered with green moss and small wild flowers which is one of the delightful settings in my stories.


"Flower Ballet" "Box of
Blossom "
"Floral Cones of Lanna"